Modern Options for Bone Grafting Technology


Bones, grafting, or any combination of the two are rarely the subject of casual conversation. Most of us, regardless of our profession, are happier discussing recent football scores, the price of gasoline, or the abnormally high number of Dunkin Doughnut franchise locations. Perhaps for it is for this very reason, however, that we should bring up this important topic–to raise awareness, maximize modern technology, and inform the public about the options offered in terms of dental implant surgery.

The Miracle of Bone Grafting

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The Miracle of Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is something of a miracle. Although you only get one set of bones, it’s actually possible to convince your body to repair itself with new bone material where you need it most. We aren’t talking about growing a whole femur. We’re talking about growing just enough bone material to strengthen weak spots in your jaw.

Dry socket anyone?

Dr Massoomi dry socket

  Dry socket! The most dreaded thing that most patients ask me during the consultation.  Everyone seemingly knows about dry socket.  What is dry socket?  Well, its really the inflammation of the bone in the extraction site, the bone that used to support the extracted tooth.  Typically when a tooth is extracted, a blood clot…

What’s In a Bone Graft

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The practice of bone grafting is nothing new. In fact, it goes back hundred of years to a time when a Dutch doctor implanted a dog’s bone into an injured soldier’s skull. The soldier later wanted it removed but it could not be removed, as it had bonded so closely to the bone. This brings up…

Stem cells in oral surgery?

Stem cells help regenerate bone for dental implants

In a recent article published in Translational medicine (Nov 2014), there is mention of stem cells being used to regenerate new bone in patient’s jaw bone to place dental implants.  We have been using stem cells in my practice for the past 2 years to improve the quantity and quality of bone for implant placement.  This…

Is that the Easter bunny?


  No, its not.  Those are diverging roots on a fully developed third molar in an adult patient that came to our office in pain for the extraction of his third molars in his 30’S.  Three roots with that level of divergence is a bit unusual and unexpected, especially since it was not clearly visible even…