Deep IV Sedation, San Francisco CA

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As you know, dental work can produce some level of anxiety in most patient.  Our goal: to change your mind when it comes to your routine dental surgery.  We promise to make it better!

With the advent of IV sedation, we are able to put the most anxious patient into a state that allows us to perform the needed surgery while the patient is in a comfortable “twilight sleep”.

Additionally, due to IV access we are able to provide you medications that expedite your healing process, reduce swelling and pain after surgery.  Typically most patients that are health enough to under go sedation, get back on their feet much faster, with less post-operative complications, i.e. infection, swelling and so on.

Take a look at our Yelp reviews and see what others are saying about their experience with sedation.  We are making even the most anxious patients a believer!