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What our patients say…

“I was immediately at ease and my anxiety level was lowered incredibly.”


“It really changed my life. I caught myself smiling more.”

— Jennifer

“Dr. Massoomi is extremely passionate about his work. He’s extremely knowledgeable.”


“He’s not only professional, he’s in the top of medicine right now.”


“I feel really good. It was a week ago that I had the surgery, but I’m already not even taking pain killers.”


Written Testimonials

“I had my wisdom teeth removed. It went very well. Dr. Massoomi explained all the details very well and the overall process was hassle free.”

– Sk Jayadevan

“I had 3 wisdom teeth removed at the same surgery, one of them was an impacted tooth in a more complicated pose (close to the bone and to the nerve). Dr. Masoomi and his team were very helpful during the entire process, explaining everything in details and patience. The healing process was short and almost without pain.”

– Mor Tzur

“As a 33 year old, I had my wisdom teeth removed. It was one of the more pleasant dental experiences of my life. I would go back in second for another procedure here. Staff and Dr’s have great bedside manner. The Dr. even called me the evening of my surgery to check up on me.”

– Candles Myers

“Absolutely incredible experience, couldn’t have asked for a better removal of my wisdom teeth! Practically painless in both the procedure and scheduling appointments! I would 100% recommend Dr. Massoomi”

– Jackie Candelaria

“I visited Dr Nima for my wisdom tooth extraction. The only thing I remember from the day of my procedure was anesthesia injection. The extraction process was seamless and he is very diligent in patient follow ups. Definitely recommended for any tooth extraction.”

– Gaurav Thosani

“Had my top two wisdom teeth taken out here, and the entire process was a breeze! Friendly staff all around, and I never felt an ounce of pain. Very well done!”

– Matthew Silva

“Dr. Massoomi is awesome and he truly cares for his patients! His staff are great and especially the back office Tandy! Go to SVSA if you are in need of a great OS!”

– Haley Millen

“Dr. Massoomi is so professional, kind and patient. Can’t say enough great things about the staff and how comfortable they make you feel.”

– Karen Galatea

“I was really nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed but Dr. Massoomi handled it very well. I was knocked out during the actual surgery and after waking up, he gave my caretaker very detailed instructions for the recovery process, including stipulated times to take the medication. It was painless and very comfortable. The gums are recovering excellently. I would very highly recommend Dr. Massoomi.”

– Tim Mwangi

“When I came to Dr. Massoomi’s office, I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth, pushing against the nerve. I had all four of my the teeth removed, and felt no pain during removal. Afterwards, I followed the instructions that were given to me for healing, and I had no swelling, bruising, and very little bleeding. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Massoomi and Bay Area Surgical Arts!”

– Jarod Long

“Great professional team. My wisdom teeth extraction went about as smoothly as could be expected. Thanks!”

– Mike Jordan

“I experienced no pain or complications with my wisdom teeth removal surgery. Would definitely recommend Dr. Massoomi to others in need of dental surgery.”

– Anna Putrus

“Had ALL teeth removed and 8 implants installed in prep for a the All on 4 procedure. Dr. Massoomi worked perfectly with another super qualified dentist in the same complex. All the letters following his name came into play for me as I needed the research, expertise and experience with so many same-type procedures, and the confidence to guide me through pre and post op and follow on decision making. His office staff is cheerful, encouraging, welcoming, as well as competent and professional. I’m pretty sure they all have worked alongside Dr. Massoomi for many years. Takes guts to do all that is needed when radical procedures are due, I’m grateful to have had this level of competence.”

– Andrew Allansmith