Socket Preservation

What is Tooth Socket Preservation?

Man who avoided jaw bone loss thanks to socket preservation following his tooth extraction in San Francisco.Tooth socket preservation involves placing bone grafting material into the extraction site to prevent jaw bone loss at the extraction site. With decades of scientific research it has been shown that tooth socket preservation at the time of extraction provides the best long-term results for preserving the jaw bone at the extraction site. It prevents the collapse of the bone and surrounding gums that typically happens during the natural healing process after a tooth is extracted without bone grafting.

Jaw bone loss is always a threat after tooth loss or tooth extraction, especially when the site is not bone grafted to preserve the socket. When you undergo socket preservation, you preserve the jaw bone while:

Preventing Jaw Bone Loss After Tooth Extraction

Empty socket after a tooth extraction in San Francisco.
Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary when the tooth is non-restorable, fractured and causing pain or infection. The bone that holds the tooth in its place is called the “Extraction socket”, and it, too, can be affected by damage to the tooth.

Extraction socket damage results in deformity of the jaw, causing shrinking gums and collapsing lips and cheeks. Over time these defects and a lack of support for the soft tissue can lead to wrinkles around the lips causing the premature aging.

Jaw bone loss effectively eliminates one of the best tooth replacement options: Dental implants. However, when you choose tooth socket preservation at the time of extraction, you can avoid jaw bone loss and all of the issues that come with it.

How Does Socket Preservation Work?

Woman can smile thanks to her socket preservation procedure performed in Cupertino.During the socket preservation, Dr. Massoomi will:

  • Perform a comfortable tooth extraction, then immediately fill the socket with the bone grafting material that may be mixed with your own PRGF to accelerate the healing process.
  • Cover the grafted site with a non-resorbable membrane to encourage the body’s natural ability to repair the socket. This membrane is secured with sutures, all of which will be eventually removed 2 – 6 weeks after surgery.

With this method of socket preservation, the socket heals and eliminates jaw bone loss and shrinkage. The newly formed bone provides the perfect foundation for dental implants, and continues to promote healthy jaw growth in the future.

Trust Dr. Massoomi for Socket Preservation Following a Tooth Extraction in San Francisco or Cupertino

If you’re in need of a tooth extraction and want to avoid jaw bone loss, contact Dr. Nima Massoomi to learn more about socket preservation. We encourage you to call, text, or message us using the form on this page to schedule a consultation at either our San Francisco or Cupertino office.

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