Wisdom Teeth Removal Tips

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Wisdom Teeth- Recovery Tips

Wisdom Teeth are the back molars that come in last, usually between the ages of 18-25. These molars are typically removed due to lack of space that can cause shifting of the surrounding teeth. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Below are a few things…

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

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Wisdom tooth growing in

We all know that for most people, wisdom teeth need to be removed in order to prevent serious dental problems! But have you ever wondered, what exactly is a wisdom tooth? Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that typically grow in during a person’s late teens/early twenties. Why are they called “wisdom” teeth?…

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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'wisdom tooth sculpture'

Don’t be worried about your wisdom tooth extraction, let us outline the whole process for you: Treatment Development During late adolescence, wisdom teeth start to appear and occasionally are accompanied by oral pain, as well as an increased risk of dental issues such as redness in the gums (pericoronitis), gum disease, and tooth decay. Through…

Wisdom Tooth Removal – Aftercare

'woman smiling after wisdom tooth extraction'

Having your impacted wisdom teeth removed is a serious surgical procedure, and post-operative care is extremely important! Read on for instructions on how to care for your sore mouth, and how to minimize unnecessary pain and complications. Immediately Following Surgery Keep a firm, yet gentle pressure on the gauze packs that have been placed in…

How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have?

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Wisdom tooth removal has become somewhat of a rite of passage – puffy-cheeked post-extraction photos, a diet of Jell-O and mashed potatoes. But not everyone gets their wisdom teeth taken out. In fact, not everyone has wisdom teeth at all! Have you ever wondered why some people have four wisdom teeth while others have fewer or even none? We’ve got the facts behind how many wisdom teeth people have and why!

Dry socket anyone?

Dr Massoomi dry socket

  Dry socket! The most dreaded thing that most patients ask me during the consultation.  Everyone seemingly knows about dry socket.  What is dry socket?  Well, its really the inflammation of the bone in the extraction site, the bone that used to support the extracted tooth.  Typically when a tooth is extracted, a blood clot…

Impacted Canines: Before and afters


On a weekly basis, we have referrals for patients with impacted canines…meaning that their canines are stuck in an unnatural position.  We typically see these cases in the teenage years… but sometimes we have patients that present to us in their 50’s and 60’s to address their impacted canines because now they have become an…