Sinus Lifts and Dental Implants

If you have dentures or a missing tooth that was extracted many years ego, dental implants can be transformative in many ways.  Dental implants are designed to replace and function just like a natural tooth.  But before you can get a dental implant, it is essential that you have enough bone to act as the […]

All About Jaw Fractures

Your jawbone is the biggest bone in the lower part of your face and it is commonly broken during facial trauma, with only noses getting broken more often. The lower jaw is medically referred to as the “mandible”, which acts as the foundation for your teeth.  Your teeth sit in the “Alveolar bone”  which is […]

Jaw Surgery in San Francisco

Some times corrective jaw surgery, or otherwise know as “orthographic surgery,” may be necessary when a patient’s jaws do not fit together properly.  This misalignment can cause issues with activities as common as chewing food or speaking. They can also cause headaches due to clinching and grinding, and even sleep apnea, a condition in which […]