3 Reasons to Have Corrective Jaw Surgery

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Jaw Surgery might sound intimidating, frightening, or both. It isn’t easy to process the fact that your jaw needs to be realigned. Ultimately, overcoming the surgical aspects of orthognathic surgery is well worth the years of having a symmetric, visually appealing jawline. Here are the top reasons why more and more patients are considering jaw…

Dental Implants versus Fixed Bridgework—Which Option is Best for You?

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If you are about to have a permanent tooth extracted, understanding the options is critical as implants and bridgework both have their pros and cons. An implant is actually a root replacement; however, unlike the root of a tooth, the implant actually fuses to the jawbone with a permanent crown attached to it. Implants function…

Will Wisdom Teeth Someday Become Obsolete?

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Most people are familiar with third molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”.  It is usually suggested that a young adult entering the “age of wisdom” have any existing wisdom teeth removed prior to developing any problems. Because most people’s mouth do not have room for these third sets of molars, the remaining wisdom teeth…

The Evolution of Dental Care: From Finger to Floss

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Did you know that the toothbrush is one of the oldest tools that humans still use? In fact, in a survey conducted in 2003, Americans chose the toothbrush as the number one invention over the car, personal computer, cell phone, and microwave. This may come as a shock in a day and age obsessed with…

FAQs Regarding IV Sedation / Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

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Here in our office we perform a variety of treatments including dental implants, facial reconstruction and teeth removal.  If you have recently been diagnosed with a condition that requires any of these types of treatment, you will likely be required to go under IV sedation / anesthesia.   For some people, the idea of anesthesia can…

Jaw Pain after a Fall…What You Should Do

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Are you experiencing persistent pain in your jaw after a fall that won’t go away or is getting worse? The first and most important tip is to schedule an appointment with our office! There are many reasons for jaw pain; however, you need a professional to understand what happened and evaluate your pain. By having…