Wisdom Teeth: What’s the Big Deal?

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Especially with the younger crowd, this is a question we get time and time again in our office!  And understandably so!  To some, removing the wisdom teeth seems like it should be an elective procedure, not a necessary one.  You have probably heard the statistic that 85% of people have to have their wisdom teeth…

FAQs Regarding Dry Socket

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Many of us have had a tooth pulled before by our dentist or oral surgeon; whether it was a tooth that couldn’t be saved or your wisdom teeth. While getting a tooth pulled isn’t the most enjoyable experience, it’s important to understand the risks that could evolve during the recovery. When pain becomes intense and…

Will Wisdom Teeth Someday Become Obsolete?

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Most people are familiar with third molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”.  It is usually suggested that a young adult entering the “age of wisdom” have any existing wisdom teeth removed prior to developing any problems. Because most people’s mouth do not have room for these third sets of molars, the remaining wisdom teeth…