All-on-4, 5, 6….which one is it?




When patient present with a “terminal dentition”, meaning there is no hope of saving the teeth…we turn our attention to the “All-on-4” or 5 or 6 concept.  With the use of guided technology we are able to place multiple implant in the patient to give her a smile she has never had before.  She used to be so self-conscious about her appearance that she barely smiled.

With this concept we are able to provide the patient with a “fixed” solution, meaning that she will never need to remove the prosthesis and it is fixed to her jaw.  They feel like regular teeth, without the need to remove it like a denture.

This is a 1-week postop photo after performing an All-on-5 case on the patient.  Can you tell which jaw has the All-on-5 prosthesis?

This is what we started with:  Terminal periodontal disease with bone loss around 90% of her teeth.  The majority of them had severe mobility, grade III.



This is what we ended up doing for her:  All-on-5 in the lower jaw.

Jennifer Liu postop pano 7-30-2015


Another life changing surgery.  Changing smile, changing lives.