Facial pain anyone?

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Dr Massoomi Facial pain


According to the latest JADA edition, (JADA 146(10) October 2015), Dr. Horst and colleagues presented some really interesting data on facial pain.

Honestly, there is not a single day in my practice that I do not see a patient with a chief complaint of oral or facial pain (= Orofacial pain).   According to this study, orofacial pain affects close to a 1/4 of the US population, at a cost of $32 billion per year!  Well, here are some interesting findings:

  • One in 6 patients experience orofacial pain
  • In this study about 16% complained of orofacial pain ( about 9% due to teeth reasons, 6.6% due to muscles and ligament in the facial region, and the rest were non-specific)
  • Orofacial pain typically decreased with age, with the lowest reported in patients 65 and older
  • Pain due to teeth were also shown to decrease with age, with the lowest reported in patients 65 and older 
  • HOWEVER – Pain the in muscles and ligaments were reported 3 times more in women!
  • Patients that had teeth and were found to have wear facets on their teeth (wearing down of the teeth to a point that the cusp tips are flattened) were more likely to have pain in their muscles and ligaments of the face.