Sedation Dentistry: Your Route to Relaxation

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Many people experience a little nervousness before having a dental procedure performed. But there are some who are literally terrified of the dentist’s chair. Unfortunately, these people often don’t get the treatment they really need because of a debilitating fear. To help them overcome their dread, dentists have developed an array of techniques to help patients relax, block sensations of pain, and sedation-medicationseven forget about the whole experience afterward.

These are the tools and techniques of sedation dentistry. While this field has grown in popularity lately, it’s hardly new: For example, a common gas used for conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, has been safely used in dental offices for nearly a century. But there are also plenty of newer medications to help you get through dental treatment with a minimum of anxiety.

It’s possible to administer sedatives and anesthetics by mouth (in pill form), by inhalation (via a mask over the nose), or intravenously (into the bloodstream). Each method has advantages in particular situations; some may require special training or monitoring equipment for their proper use. When administering any sedative, our primary concern is your safety and comfort.