Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Man lying on bed will get corrective jaw surgery in San Francisco soon.Corrective jaw surgery may be necessary when there are irregularities in the jaw bone or when the teeth do not fit properly in the jaws. Orthognathic surgery can improve facial appearance and ensure the optimal function of the teeth.

Reasons for Orthognathic Surgery

It is important to treat orthognathic complications before long-term problems occur. When the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates, chewing function, speech, and oral health and appearance may all decline.

Orthodontics alone can correct minor bite problems, but other patients require jaw surgery to protect their oral health.

If you have noticed any of the following issues, it is time to visit Dr. Massoomi for a jaw evaluation and a discussion about orthodontics or orthognathic surgery.

  • Difficulty or pain when chewing, biting, or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Chronic pain in the jaw or facial muscles
  • Open bite
  • Difficulty breathing

During your first visit, Dr. Massoomi will conduct a consultation which will include an examination and x-rays. He will listen to your concerns and gather information regarding the condition of your oral health. Together, you can decide of corrective jaw surgery is the next logical step for you.

Man is happy and healthy after his orthognathic surgery in Cupertino.Technology and Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Massoomi’s practice is one of the most technologically advanced in the country. He uses the latest computer techniques and 3D models to execute any jaw surgery with precision. He can give you a preview of what your bite and smile will look like after surgery before the procedure even begins.

If you would like to know if you are a candidate for corrective jaw surgery, give us a call today. Dr. Massoomi will work closely with you to design an oral surgery treatment plan that makes your smile the best it can be.

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