As Good As It Gets: Dental Implants

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As dental health care professionals, we are constantly reminding our patients to take good care of their teeth. That means regular brushing and flossing, without fail. But we know that tooth loss happens, in spite of everyone’s best efforts. When it does, the best solution is a dental implant from Bay Area Surgical Arts.

Dental implants have been around for thousands of years, in one form or another. We humans can be clever: carved pieces of bamboo, bits of stone and steel, even sea shells – throughout history, all of these have been used as replacement teeth. (Their effectiveness is a topic for another discussion.)

Dental implants as we know them today are as good as it gets – until something better comes along. Something better always comes along, and researchers say that in the near future we will see increasingly sophisticated dental implants. Diagnostics and placement techniques are already advanced, but they too will keep on getting better.

As just one example of what we can look forward to, researchers say that future implants will include a reservoir that contains an anti-bacterial substance that is gradually released after implantation. This will prevent bacteria from growing, and result in even lower failure rates – and dental implant failure is already low.

Other advances just a few years down the road include 3D printed prosthetics and teledentistry. Can you imagine that? We don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s safe to predict that access to dental implants will be easier, and the implants themselves will be better.

State of the art dental implants for single or multiple teeth are already available at Bay Area Surgical Arts. Call one of our offices at 415-813-6400 in San Francisco or 408-253-6084 in Cupertino to schedule a consultation.