Presence of Visible Third molars can negatively influence pregnancy

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In a recent article published in the Journal of Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgery, evidence keeps mounting on the importance of addressing third molars prior to becoming pregnant.

JOMS, June 2013, Vol. 71, No. 6 Highlights

  • The Presence of Visible Third Molars Negatively Influences Periodontal Outcomes in the Maternal Oral Therapy to Reduce Obstetric Risk Study
    Kevin L. Moss, Steven Offenbacher, James D. Beck, Raymond P. White

Just yesterday in San Francisco Surgical Arts, we performed an emergent surgical extraction of infected third molars on a mom with a newborn.  She had facial swelling, with limited mouth opening and they were infected throughout her 3rd trimester.  She had been advised to remove then years ego.  Don’t put yourself and your child at risk…remove the impacted third molars before they become a problem.  Ask your OB/GYN about the increased risk of gum disease and oral infections and how it may impact your child.